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Rackspace cloud

Rackspace cloud is a set of cloud computing products and service which offers web application hosting or platform as a service (PaaS), Cloud Storage, Virtual private server (Cloud Servers), load balancers, databases, backup and monitoring. Rackspace provides a shared environment through their compute service called “Cloud Servers” and their isolated cloud network service is called “Cloud Networks”.

Rackspace cloud

Rackspace is powered by OpenStack cloud computing platform, positioning itself as open source which has the capability to build a cloud that can scale to just about anyone’s needs. One rackspace strength is its ability to roll out the latest and greatest OpenStack features. Rackspace is generally focused on two security aspects such as data security and access management.

Rackspace cloud

Rackspace Support both Windows servers and multiple cloud services which has the ability to expand to more advanced dedicated server and enterprise offerings. Rackspace offers good CDN service by Limelight, active involvement and contribution to the open source comunity including the OpenStack and Cassandra. Rackspace delivers a higher value for its clients in search of good performance.

Rackspace got few advantages over Amazon EC2

Rackspace is 2.3 times faster than Amazon EC2. Rackspace can read 2.8 times more data per second than Amazon EC2. Rackspace disk IO performances are as important as CPU performance since a lot of applications read and write a lot of data. Rackspace can write 7.6 times more data than Amazon per second. Rackspace’s 512MB instance is more than twice as fast as Amazon’s micro instance.

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