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Create a secure, highly available storage solution by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations can store business-critical data in a secure, durable, high-performance environment. Implementing AWS Storage Partner solutions enables you to run the same production workloads you use in your on-premises environment but on AWS instead. This way, you can take advantage of AWS Storage Partner feature sets, and more easily capitalize on the wide range of inherent benefits provided by AWS.

Advantages of leveraging AWS​

The AWS Well-Architected Framework can help ensure your workloads are secure, high-performing, and resilient. Regularly review the state of your workloads to identify improvement opportunities across the six AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars.

Closely aligned with the AWS Well Architected Framework, the SupportSages Well-Architected Review evaluates your cloud solution against six key areas:

An easy on-ramp to a hybrid storage solution ​

Deploying versatile AWS solutions can help your organization more rapidly take advantage of the breadth and depth of cloud services without re-architecting applications. ​ ​

Lower capex investments​

Storage on AWS becomes an operating expense (opex) rather than a capital expense (capex). This eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure investments and their time-consuming optimizations. ​

Data security and durability​

Offer features, including security elements, which enables you to achieve compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other requirements.​

On-demand scalability ​

Simplified, on-demand scalability allows you to avoid overprovisioning storage up front, eliminates recurring upgrade cycles, and prevents you from paying for under-utilized assets. ​

Leverage the benefits of AWS cloud storage migration and management with SupportSages.​

Why SupportSages for AWS?​ ​

Backup and recovery built for the cloud

API-integrated backups utilizing native AWS snapshots for faster backups and simplified, accelerated recovery. Take your cloud backups to the next level.​

Cost-saving intelligence

Deduplication and compression reduce storage and network egress costs, while intelligent cloud infrastructure automatically powers off when not in use and dynamically scales (Graviton-based) Amazon EC2 access nodes as jobs require.​

Integrated security

Data is encrypted in flight and at rest and we integrate with AWS IAM and AWS STS AssumeRole to ensure resources are always accessed with temporary credentials to align with AWS best practice security measures.​

Protection from ransomware threats

Multilayered protection that includes a complete security assessment dashboard, ML-based anomaly detection, and immutable backups copies leveraging Amazon S3 Object Lock to ensure you’re always recovery ready.

Fully orchestrated cloud DR

Enterprise-class disaster recovery with full failover/failback capabilities, with configurable options to meet your desired RTOs. Easily adopt cloud as a DR site and eliminate the need for costly secondary data centers.​

Automated workload migration & conversion

Accelerate your digital transformation or enhance your organization’s agility by easily moving workloads from on-premises to the AWS cloud, or from other cloud vendors to AWS.

Did you know? Cloud providers are responsible for the durability of the infrastructure your data resides in, but the resilience, consistency, and validity of your data is your own responsibility.​

And in the face of rising cyberthreats, leaked credentials, software-based corruption, and accidental deletions, cloud data protection can be daunting. SupportSages is here to help.​

Learn how to optimize cost and performance of storage solutions working with AWS and AWS solutions.​

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