Error while installing Magento Blue theme.

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Published on: August 26, 2010 by Faheem P.

Error while installing Magento Blue theme.


Normally Magento install theme can be done from the Magento Connect. But recently in our  Magento installation service we used to get tickets complaining that the customers are not able to install Magento Blue theme via Magento Connect. When you try to install you may get the below error.

Via magento connect
magento-core/Interface_Frontend_Default_Default_Blue  requires package "magento-core/Interface_Frontend_Default" (version  >= 1.3.1, version <= 1.4.0, excluded versions: 1.4.0), installed  version is
Install Errors
No valid packages found
PEAR  ERROR: install failed


To fix this, login to your account via SSH and navigate to the Magento installation folder and execute the below command.

Install Interface_Frontend_Default correct version

./pear install magento-core/Interface_Frontend_Default

And then the Blue theme

./pear install magento-core/Interface_Frontend_Default_Default_Blue

You can get help for pear command by executing

pear help 

And to list Channels

pear list-channels Registered Channel

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Faheem P.

Faheem P.

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