Employee Engagement Activities. How Employee Engagement Activities Benefit the Organization?

Published on: February 8, 2023 by Vinayan C V

Employee Engagement Activities. How Employee Engagement Activities Benefit the Organization?


Employees are the greatest resource of every organization. Feeling a connection with the organization can make the employees work harder, stay longer, and inspire others to do the same.

Employee Engagement is the way of making a connection, both mental as well as emotional, between the employees and the organization in order to make them feel that they are considered in every aspect of the growth of the organization.

David MacLeod definition is as follows:

“Employee engagement is about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential.”

In every business, employee engagement is crucial for growth. It increases the productivity of the employees which in turn accelerates the organizational growth. It also reduces employee turnover and increases retention thereby increasing the fame of the organization. Thus, employee engagement activities are vital for the sustainability of every organization.


 Employee Engagement Strategies

Most engagement strategies have common goals: Helping employees feel valued and emotionally connected to their work. Some of them are

  • Listen to the Employees

A good leader always pay attention to what others also say and always love to take feedbacks and suggestions. The employees will feel valued if their words are being considered in decision making.

  • Create a good working environment

A good environment or working condition will increase the morale of the employees. Providing convenience and comfort during their work make the employees more productive.

  • Provide Women and Child Welfare Schemes

Welfare schemes such as child care, planned parenthood etc… will help the employees maintain their work-life balance.

  • Economic Services

Various economic services such as loans, financial grants, thrift and savings schemes, unemployment insurance, profit sharing and bonus schemes, gratuity and pension etc… can also be an advantage for the employees in meeting financial needs.

  • Labour Management Participation

Participating in workmen’s arbitration council, various committees, research bureau’s etc… make the employees aware about the social and current issues.


 Employee Engagement Activities

A variety of employee engagement activities to boost morale and job satisfaction include:

1. Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and Achievements

Employee engagement suffers when they feel their workplace lacks soul and emotion. Every employee is having a good time. So, make these days unique for your employees. Celebrate employees when they join the company for a year (or more) and congratulate them when they reach their goals! Various special personal milestones should also be celebrated and encouraged.

2. Employee Welcome Kit/Gift for New Joiners

The first employee engagement activity starts from new hires. New joiners should feel engaged on their first day itself. The trick is to make their workspace as as comfortable as possible. One of the many options is to give new hires a welcome kit, card, gift, or email.

3. Workers Growth and Development Opportunity

Creating a culture that encourages continuous development doesn’t just help employees acquire the skills they need to do their jobs. It also tells them that the organization values their employees and believes in their potential. Providing training and mentoring support help the employees realize their true potential and will explore for more growth opportunities.

4. Employee Appreciation Corner

Feeling truly valued is uplifting. Appreciation enriches your day and can even change your life. All it takes is your willingness to put it into words. It is being told that “There is no more urgent obligation than to return gratitude. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, try to achieve it”.

5. Meditation/Concentration for Relaxing the Mind

Employee stress has never been lower. The effects of stress vary from person to person. Some people think that pressure motivates them to work, while others can’t handle stress. One of the best ways for stress reduction are meditation. Practicing yoga and mind relaxing exercises decreases anxiety and achieve great relaxation.

6. Team Building Games Sessions

Fun and Engaging team building gaming session boosts the performance and competitive spirit of the employees. One of the best team building activity includes Trivia games. It is super fun along with a mix of knowledge enhancement. It increases the internal communication among employees and also encourages team spirit.


How Employee Engagement Benefit the Organization?

The employee engagement is very important as it affects every aspect of the organization as well as the work. Its benefits impact the whole organization including employees, teams, managers etc.

Important benefits of employee engagement include

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Productivity of the Employees
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improves Employee Retention Rate
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Organizational Growth
  • Enhanced Quality of Work
  • Profitability
  • Increased Employee Morale


Encouraging employees to maintain a work-life balance shows that you care for them. Value employee space and you’ll see immediate advancements in employee engagement.


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Vinayan C V

Vinayan C V

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