LibClamAV Error : No supported database files found

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Published on: February 8, 2017 by Manu M.

LibClamAV Error : No supported database files found


Hello Folks,

For those running and managing websites should know about the potential security threats out there which can ruin your business. Malwares or viruses as we call it is one of the most sort out threats out there, For those of who already have a website compromised, “Maldet” is your friend which can help you scan the files for infections.

Some of the customers have often complained about Maldet showing error

“LibClamAV Error : No supported database files found”

when restarting Maldet. So I thought putting a blog out here would help.

Why this happened?

You are getting this error because you don’t have any virus database definitions under /var/clamav directory.

How to fix it?

First, we will kill all the Clam AV update process, just in case if any are running and doesn’t conflict our operation. To kill them run following command.

killall freshclam

Now we can start the update process freshly. Run the following command.


Now that the update is complete you can go ahead and start Clam AV and there won’t be any issue. Hope this blog is helpful to you 🙂

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Manu M.

Manu M.

Manu has been with us for past one and half years and is a person with good technical skills and domain knowledge. Being a highly athletic personality, Manu likes to play Cricket and Badminton of all games whenever he gets time off. Apart from his technical and athletic abilities, he is a good writer and has tried his hands on penning a few poems of his own. He believes in the mantra that "small things matter the most" and this nature can also visible in his blogs and writings.

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