Configuraing local php variables in Php -FCGI set up

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Published on: September 16, 2014 by Vipin R.N

Configuraing local php variables in Php -FCGI  set up



A customer says he needs to turn off PHP magic quotes ( magic_quotes_gpc ) in his account. 

Pre-Requisite Information
PHP version 5.3.22
Server API CGI/FastCGI

An absolute walk in the park if you know it, otherwise 🙁 says “Since PHP 5.3.0, PHP includes support for .htaccess-style INI files on a per-directory basis. These files are processed only by the CGI/FastCGI SAPI. This functionality obsoletes the PECL htscanner extension. If you are using Apache, use .htaccess files for the same effect” 

In simple words, instead of using .htaccess to set php parameters you must now use .user.ini, (note the dot in front .user.ini) in the public_html directory, which is the root of your web directory.

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Vipin R.N

Vipin R.N

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