DirectAdmin to cPanel Migration Migration to hosting accounts from DirectAdmin servers to cPanel servers without compatibility issues with no or minimal downtime.
DirectAdmin Installation The plan covers DA server configuration such as cluster set ups, service management, network configuration, ssl management, security implementation, backup configurations etc. at affordable price.
DirectAdmin Server Migration- Homogeneous Our team of DA experts schedules and executes the migration after proper analysis, evaluation and planning so that the entire process is performed in a seamless and comfortable way.
DirectAdmin Server Migration – Heterogeneous Our migration team with their excellent knowledge in control panels, high level of technical expertise and post migration assistance makes server migrations to DA servers a cakewalk experience.
Server Migration – ZPanel to Non-Zpanel Our migration team with highly competent, experienced level3 server admins with in-depth knowledge in various hosting control panels performs and ensures smooth migration to ZPanel servers.
DirectAdmin- R1Soft Backup The plan offers our expert assistance for setting up of R1Soft backup system for your DA servers such as initial backup configuration, backup monitoring and pro-active actions during backup failures.
DirectAdmin – Hourly Server Management Our team of DirectAdmin administrators has in and out knowledge in DA enabled servers and are capable to understand and perform much complex and sophisticated server operations