Semi-dedicated Team- Technical – Abbots This semi-dedicated support team plan entitles you for unlimited help desk management, 24/7 server monitoring, instant messenger support, backup management,data migration, disaster recovery etc.
Semi-Dedicated Team – Technical – Sangha Each admin in this four member semi-dedicated team is equipped with high level of professional expertize, experience and great customer service skills to deliver quality transparent web hosting suppor
Dedicated Team – Technical -Monks Dedicated web hosting technical support team to ensures 24/7 availability of industry certified server administrators for help desk support, server monitoring and Server Administration.
Server Monitoring – Nagios 24/7 SupportSages monitor your web and application servers, database server, file servers, FTP servers, mail servers and so forth. We use Nagios for monitoring.
Virtualization Support – Node Management The plan offers complete node management assistance through operations such as node setup, hypervisor installation, VPS monitoring, Template creation etc. along with routine VPS management operations
Server Monitoring – Reactive In reactive server monitoring, the server will be monitored 24x7x365 and in the case of server or service issues, we login to the server and fix it.
Server Monitoring- Proactive Our proactive server monitoring team uses advanced monitoring tools to ensure your server’s optimal performance through early detection of problems.

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