VPS – Server Hardening Addon VPS server hardening addon assists you with installation and configuration of common security measures for the VPS server to make it more robust and secure.
VPS – Provider Support Plan Under this VPS provider support plan , you can scale the number of VPSes on a node and pay for it without additional costs for node management.
VPS – Node Management This exclusive VPS node support plan provides complete node management for full virtualization and paravirtualization platforms.
VPS – Security Audit Addon VPS security audit addon helps you to secure your VPS servers from common vulnerabilities such as hacks, application vulnerabilities, security breaches, malwares, web abuses, network abuses etc.
VPS Support – Commercial VPS support for commercial web hosting which includes helpdesk support, VPS monitoring, software installations and free server administration hours.
VPS Support – Personal VPS support for personal and non-commercial VPS hosting such as charity organization websites, community websites, Alumni group websites etc.
Virtualization Support – Node Management The plan offers complete node management assistance through operations such as node setup, hypervisor installation, VPS monitoring, Template creation etc. along with routine VPS management operations