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Server Migrations are widely performed during facility changes such as DC switching, anticipated HardWare issues, capacity expansions in the form of better server architecture and computational power etc. Recreation of the existing system on a new server hardware while retaining application functionalities makes server migrations a bit complex operation, especially if the applications or environment involved are different or heterogeneous. Team SupportSages with its team of migration specialists in various control panels, ensures trouble free and low impact server migration to cPanel servers from various control panels.

Migrations involving different control panels such as Plesk to cPanel, DirectAdmin to cPanel etc. are not straight forward and requires a lot of post migration assistance. For instance, migration from a cPanel to Plesk server requires further involvement in areas such as Horde address book migrations, custom DNS zone records, software compatibilities, mail server management, MySQL server optimization, hosting package customization, reseller account management, custom name servers etc.


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