VPS Node Management – starts from $23 per month

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Published on: February 3, 2017 by George K.

VPS Node Management – starts from $23 per month


Get our exclusive VPS support plans to expand your business to bigger and better version of Hosting business.

VPS Node Management Plan

Our VPS node management plan provides node management for your VPS node. The plan offers assistance for setting up of hypervisors for bare metal and operating system-level virtualizations, Control Panel Installation, VPS creation and management, basic node monitoring, DC escalations, OS module management, Unlimited Node issues support, VPS migrations, server recovery, data backup, 3rd party application installation etc. are covered here.

Our team of virtualization experts provide highly competent support for common virtualization technologies such as VMware, Xen, Proxmox, Hyper-V, OpenVZ, KVM, VirtualBox, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers etc, with guaranteed response and resolution time

Our normal rate itself is $30 per VPS node per month. And with 25% discount offered, you will get it for $22.5. Please note that for the management of VPSes under this node, you would need to purchase the per VPS plan.

Please note that VPS node management (Details at ) and VPS support for providers (Details at ) are two different but highly interlinked plans.

Can’t believe ? It’s true. Confused with other plans ? Let us explain

VPS Helpdesk Support & VPS Server Management

Our VPS Hosting support plan for VPS providers offers unlimited VPS node management and VPS technical support in a highly flexible way. Under this VPS provider support plan, you can scale the number of VPSes on a node and pay for it without additional costs for node management. The plan treats node management and support for VPSes hosted on it as separate entities and hence avoids bulk pricing.

For an example, assume that you have only one VPS on the node and the monthly price for it will be ( node management + 1* VPS provider support cost). For the ease of calculation we can assume the values be 30+1*15 = $45. Suppose if you have 20 VPSes on the same node, then the calculation will be as follows 30+10*20 = $230.

On top of this, with our 25% discount offer – the above $45 becomes $33.75 per month and $230 becomes $172.5 per month. Another good news is that, even though for various reasons, we don’t recommend you to host more than 30 VPSes in a node, if you plan to host more, we won’t charge anything extra from 31st VPS. It means someone hosting 75 customers in a 256GB RAM node, he will get helpdesk and server management taken care for $247.50 per month.

As you can see, the node management price remains the same and the variation happens only for the VPS management price. Hence you are free to utilize the maximum potential of your VPS nodes without any addition to node management prices.

With this product, it’s just not server management, we also offer Helpdesk support for Level1 technical issues, Level2 technical support, Level3 vps administration, VPS migrations, DC escalations and transparent helpdesk support in various helpdesk systems like Kayako, WHMCS etc.

LiveChat VPS Node Addon

We are also offering 24/7 live chat support addon for the VPS providers at 25% discount making the product available for $59 per month.

Live chat support for VPS node provides 24/7 virtualization support for VPS node along with the VPSes hosted on it over chat. The VPS live chat support enables you to provide transparent live chat support for technical, billing and sales issues. This live chat support plan covers unlimited domains per VPS server and supports all commercial and custom live chat support systems.

Our VPS live chat support team of virtualization and webhosting experts resolve majority of Level1 VPS issues through live chat and perform escalations whenever required. Availability of monthly chat usage report and addons to reclaim the unused chats equips the plan to be a transparent and affordable live chat support option.

This highly cost effective live chat plan is one of the most preferred live chat support plans for the VPS providers who clearly understand the benefits of chat support.

25% Discounted Coupon Code : 25PC-VPSBIZ
Validity Until – 28 February 2017

Important Reference URLs

VPS Node Management Services –…ment-services/
Special Offer page –

Order URLs NOW!!! – $30 per month (Discounted to $23 per month) NOW!!! – $15 per month – (Quantity discounts apply to as low as $7.5 per month)…-node-support/ORDER NOW!!! – $79 per month (Discounted to $59 per month)

Any questions, contact us using our Live Chat.

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George K.

George K.

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