How to do : Add or Delete an IP Address in the VPS

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Published on: May 25, 2010 by Vipin R.N

How to do : Add or Delete an IP Address in the VPS


Since we are in VPS management service, sometimes we need to add or remove an IP address in the VPS.


You need Node Server access for these (then only you can manage those VPS), that too SSH root access. The VPS should be either OpenVZ or Virtuozzo.


Say we are logged into the Node Server. There we are going to list all the Containers existing on the Hardware Node. By default, only running Containers are shown.

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzlist -a
100     18  running  WEB.EXAMPLE.COM
101     63  running  -
102     169 running
103     81  running
78965   236 running

Lets consider the VPS with ID 78965 needs the new IP to be added. So the command will be :

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzctl set 78965 --ipadd
Adding IP address(es): WARNING: Settings were not saved. On next start the original values will be applied.
Use --save to save the settings in the configuration file.

Save the Settings (this command will do the purpose instead of the above one)

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzctl set 78965 --save --ipadd
Adding IP address(es): Saved parameters for Container 78965.

Thats it, now login to WHM and access ‘Change Site’s IP Address’. Select the website and change the IP address from the drop down list.

To remove an IP from the VPS

[root@linuxvps1 ~]# vzctl set 78965 --save --ipdel
Deleting IP address(es): Saved parameters for Container 78965.

Mission Accomplished !

For any further help, do contact our VPS management team 🙂

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Vipin R.N

Vipin R.N

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