How would I checkout a particular version from SVN

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Published on: April 24, 2009 by Jithin Vijayan

How would I checkout a particular version from SVN


I needed to checkout a particular version from SVN server , since XVID and JPEG was not getting enabled in Clipshare. Infact they were not getting linked in the mencoder or mplayer. And when checked the FOSS.IN award winning script ffmpeginstaller by Master Sherin (who is an expert in kungfoo), I saw that is uses ffmpeg-SVN-r14473.tar.gz. So decided to use that.

But ffmpeg-SVN-r14473.tar.gz was no were available. And this is how I got it.

mkdir /root/ssages/ffmpeg-SVN
svn checkout svn:// ffmpeg -r14473

And that fetched me the 14473 version of ffmpeg.

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Jithin Vijayan

Jithin Vijayan

One of the most inquisitive person you may come across in your life :-). His enthusiasm to unearth the existing technologies and excellent comprehension skills makes him one of the most dependable admin during critical situations. Jithin loves trekking and photography.

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