Howto enable access to whm, cpanel subdomains (proxy subdomains) in cPanel

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Published on: May 16, 2009 by George K.

Howto enable access to whm, cpanel subdomains (proxy subdomains) in cPanel


Our cPanel support clients sometimes have came with the requirement that they need to enable the access to WHM, cPanel subdomain (proxy subdomains) in cPanel server. With cPanel 11, this has become very easy. Assuming that you have mod_proxy and mod_rewrite installed on your apache, the cPanel access for proxy subdomains can be enabled from the WHM tweak settings.

The steps are as follows,

Go to WHM –> Tweak Settings –> Check the following settings

Add proxy VirtualHost to httpd.conf to automatically redirect unconfigured cpanel, webmail, webdisk and whm subdomains to the correct port (requires mod_rewrite and mod_proxy)

Automatically create cpanel, webmail, webdisk and whm proxy subdomain DNS entries for new accounts. When this is initially enabled it will add appropriate proxy subdomain DNS entries to all existing accounts. (Use /scripts/proxydomains to reconfigure the DNS entries manually)

Once enabled login to the backend via SSH and run the following script /scripts/proxydomains and it will be enabled for all existing domains and new ones to be created. Note that for a server with DNS cluster enabled, please refrain from enabling this, as it requires reload of those many zones of domains in the shared server at your DNS server.

Try the given steps above and let us know the feedback

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George K.

George K.

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