NO to Unmanaged VPSes!! NOW offer MANAGED VPSes for as low as $99 per VPS node

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Published on: May 28, 2009 by Faheem P.

NO to Unmanaged VPSes!! NOW offer MANAGED VPSes for as low as $99 per VPS node


NO to Unmanaged VPSes!! NOW offer MANAGED VPSes for as low as $99 per VPS node

  • How many times your clients have asked you whether you are offering Managed VPSes ?
  • How many times you wished you had QUALITY support team with you to offer 24/7 managed VPSes ?
  • Do you realize your clients prefer to have the issues solved over LiveChat insted of opening a ticket ?
  • Does your current support, provide with quality you wish to offer your clients ?

Through us, now you can!!! If you are someone who prices quality of service over all, opt us. You will never regret the decision.

Maximum of 15 minutes response time and 6 hours resolution time – Best response times in the industry. Average is far far below that – 5 mins response time and 45 mins resolution time.

Here is our VPS management offer details

  • 24/7 Live Chat for you, the server owner (at no extra charge)
  • 24/7 transparent support for end user – We login to your helpdesk and do the tickets
  • 24/7 Proactive VPS node Monitoring
  • 15 minutes guaranteed response time – Often a ticket is responded or resolved in 7 minutes time.
  • 6 hours guaranteed resolution time – Often an issue is resolved in less than one hour time.
  • Installation of 3rd Party Software/Scripts in the VPSes, as per your client requests
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Support
  • We can provide Pre-Sales & Sales support too at this rate
  • We monitor each VPSes inside the node as well (upto 20 VPSes and for 20+ VPSes monitoring is charged $3 per VPS)
  • Live Level I,II & Sales Chat support for end user can be added for extra $75 per VPS node
  • Firewall Installation and hardening of VPSes
  • Reactive, regular updates for the VPSes
  • Free setup of billing scripts and such for your VPS clients

We really care them. In fact we don’t like those clients, who asks us not to help their customers to the level we do. We take pride in the reviews they give for you here, while we remain anonymous to them.

With this plan, you just need to arrange for the backup space of the VPSes and start offering managed VPS very easily.


One VPS node – $189 per month
2 – 5 VPS nodes – $169 per month
5 – 10 VPS nodes – $149 per month
10 – 20 VPS nodes – $129 per month
20 – 50 VPS nodes – $109 per month
50+ VPS nodes – $99 per month

For order links, please contact our sales or chat us via IM.

Here is a brief of our other offers

24×7 Shared support – $750 per month (Live chat included + Unlimited tickets)
24×7 Dedicated support – $1999 per month (Live chat included + Unlimited tickets)

Till this offer lasts (June 1st), we also offer dedicated Level III admin for just $999 per month (for half the rate), while a semi-dedicated level III admin can be hired for just $699 per month.

A dedicated Level III admin’s shift will be at a time you want him to. When we mean dedicated, by all its’ mean it is truly dedicated. We provide the talent to you and just act as a middle man, and provide needed training for our staff.

With our dedicated staff,

  • You can chat in person as if he is your hired employee
  • 5-10 mins response times
  • 10 mins – 3 hours resolution of issues
  • Server monitoring
  • Live chat
  • Forum postings

And any customized requirements you would want (y)our staff to do.

For placing an order, please chat with us online from any of the instant messenger or Live Chat service provided to you from our website at or email sales [a][t]

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