Plesk : Unable to send or receive emails to users in the domain hosted in the server

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Published on: April 14, 2009 by Jithin Vijayan

Plesk : Unable to send or receive emails to users in the domain hosted in the server


Customers of our Plesk server management service sometimes complaints that they were not receiving any emails or unable to send Emails to users in the domain hosted on the server.

Upon checking the mail Logs it was saying that,

Server Error: 421 fopen(‘users/assign’) failed (#5.7.10) Permission denied.

As the log says, it is permission or ownership issue with the folder. We could have reset that file alone, but almost all the ownerships & permissions were messed up. So the first step was to use the mchk utility. Issued /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mchk –with-spam

But that didn’t fix the issue and we had to force the reinstallation/upgrade of psa-qmail package available as an rpm. Reinstalled and mail started working.

You can refer Parallels KB for any assistance related to Plesk installed server and the Parallels KB is improving day by day and even better than cPanel documentation. Refer for more details on mchk.exe usage.

For more assistance you can contact our Plesk server management team and they would be happy to help you

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Jithin Vijayan

Jithin Vijayan

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