VPS –  Server Hardening Addon VPS server hardening addon assists you with installation and configuration of common security measures for the VPS server to make it more robust and secure.
VPS – Server Monitoring Addon Our VPS server monitoring addon offers 24/7 VPS monitoring for resource and service availability and takes preventive steps to avoid service interruptions.
Carry Forward –  Live Chat The addon provides the option to carry forward the chats or extend the validity of chats, without any restrictions for the number of instances.
Server Monitoring – Nagios 24/7 SupportSages monitor your web and application servers, database server, file servers, FTP servers, mail servers and so forth. We use Nagios for monitoring.
Live Chat Support – Addon Live chat is convenient for your customers and cuts down your overall expenses. Not only that, Livechat will help you increase sales.
Carry Forward – Tickets Ticket Carry Forwarding enables you to carry forward any left over tickets to the next month for a nominal subscription fee.

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