password reset cron job: connection to mysql database fails

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Published on : September 26, 2014 by cron job:  connection to mysql database fails

The cronjob producing the following database connection error Solution Try reproducing the error by running the cron job manually: If it shows the same error, make sure the password used on the “my $dbpassword” 19th line in /etc/cron.hourly/ matches the “modsec” password in MySQL. my $dbpassword = ‘sample’; You can reset the “modsec” MySQL […]

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MySQL: Root password reset

Tags: MySQLmysql root passwordpassword reset

Published on : September 21, 2014 by

MySQL: Root password reset

Have you ever for­got­ten the root pass­word on one of our clients MySQL servers? No worries, please follow these five steps to do the MySQL root password reset. 1. Log in as root and stop the mysql daemon. Now lets start up the mysql daemon and skip the grant tables which store the passwords. Or […]

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