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Ubuntu: Timezone configuration

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Published on: September 23, 2014 by Mithun S.

Ubuntu: Timezone configuration


There are different methods to change the timezone in Linux (Debian). The most simple and widely used ubuntu timezone configuration methods are shown below :-

Method 1 :-

To change the timezone,run the following command as root user:

# dpkg-reconfigure tzdata


>>Select the geographical area in which you live


Now select the city corresponding to your timezone


Method 2 :-

We can also set the timezone using /etc/localtime configuration file.

The various timezones are available in the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory.

Delete the current timezone using the below command

# rm -f /etc/localtime

In order to set the new timezone create a symbolic link to the file /etc/localtime configuration file.

For example :-

To verify the new settings execute the date command


Note :- When the /etc/localtime is removed, the system shows the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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Mithun S.

Mithun S.

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