Why should you think of outsourcing backup management?

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Published on: October 13, 2018 by Ruben Roy

Why should you think of outsourcing backup management?


Data Management has an important role in a company’s operational infrastructure. It will be really challenging for the organization to manage these vast amounts of data. An organization should make sure that the data is secure and redundant. Data should have proper backup and if any disaster occurs, data should be recovered using effective data recovery mechanisms. We can say that Backup and Recovery mechanisms have a key role in operational infrastructure.

Outsourcing the backup have greater relevance when we consider the facts, price, and security. Now, let’s discuss the benefits of outsourcing the backup. Outsourcing backup means that the organization is hiring a third party to perform services and also to store the data. In other words, data storage and management are outsourced from the organization to an external party.

Advantages of Outsourcing Backup

The organization gives a greater importance for backup and disaster management because the data should be always secure. Outsourcing the backup have several advantages.

  • An experienced disaster recovery and backup service will avoid the organization from disruption of data.

  • Disaster response will be well coordinated.

  • Identify the tools and mechanisms suitable for the business.

  • Disaster recovery will be easier and faster.

  • Highly experienced and specialized employees assist in backup management.

  • Immediate data recovery since data back up is taken at regular intervals.

  • The vendor can increase or decrease the size of data as the requirement arises.

  • Reduces the cost. No employees are required within the organization in order to manage the data.

Points to be Considered Before Backup Outsourcing

Choose an authorized vendor and the right medium to store the data. The vendor should have specialized employees to perform backups. The medium we choose should be scalable and the vendor should be able to increase or decrease the size of the database as per our requirements.

The prime factor we should consider when we outsource backup is the security.

We must be very careful while we outsource our backup management to vendors in other countries. Because the legal laws of data security vary from country to country.

We should also ensure that the vendor has enough capability regarding employees, tools, and resources so that they will meet our needs within the deadline.

And for last but most important ‘Know about the Firm’. We have to check the details about the vendor and ensure that the service level agreement is clear and compatible with our requirements.

Types of backup outsourcing

1. Insourcing

Insourcing is a type of outsourcing backup mechanism in which we will search for a vendor and invite to manage our backups using remote and onsite resources. Insourcing is mainly used by medium to a large sized organization.

2. Online Backup

In the online backup, we will transfer our data through the network for an onsite service provider to manage our data. Mainly used by small companies or companies having limited resources.

3. Hosted backup services

Move our primary data to an external vendor who offers a backup service. This is used by the companies which need large storage of data.

Backup outsourcing increases performance, scalability, and redundancy.

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