Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) when accessing via IP

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Published on: December 29, 2009 by George K.

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) when accessing via IP


Customer wanted to have a dedicated IP, but once I change the IP from the plesk control panel, I couldn’t get the website when accessed using IP. Instead, it was giving me the plesk control panel’s default page. Reason ? Default Website was having the IP as “All Unassigned”. Set that to the main IP address. But after that I was getting a new error Bad Request Invalid Hostname in bold letters. Here is what I did to fix the same.

Start -> Run -> inetmgr -> Expand the (+) -> Websites -> Right click on the domain name -> Take Properties -> Website -> IP Address (make sure that it has the dedicated IP assigned there) and then click “Advanced”

Add/Edit Web Site Identification

IP Address : Choose the dedicated IP from drop down list
TCP/IP Port : 80
Host Header Value : Leave it blank (Important)

Leaving the Host Header Value should fix the issue and fetch the website when accessing it using the IP.

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George K.

George K.

George started his career in web hosting and Linux technical support in the year 2004 and is with SupportSages since 2009. He has keen interest in server optimizations, custom security solutions, hacked server recovery, cyber forensic and high availability fail over system design and implementation. George loves long drives and is passionate about art and literature.

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