cPanel: Account restore fails – cpmod: CleanPanel

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Published on: August 1, 2014 by Felix

cPanel: Account restore fails – cpmod: CleanPanel



On cPanel server we can restore accounts using cPanel account restoration script but sometimes you may encounter the following error while cPanel account restore from a backup file from another server using the cPanel script/scripts/restrorepkg.

Account Creation Status: failed (Unable to validate setting for cpmod: CleanPanel.

Problem Identification

Here the term CleanPanel refers to a cPanel skin.The issue is that the said skin is not available in the new server and that is reason why we are getting this error. You can follow the below steps provided for resolving this. 

Steps to Fix the issue

1. First of all you need to extract the backup file. 

Eg: user.tar.gz  (user is the cPanel user) Sometimes it may be in the format backup-9.5.2010_17-46-50_user.tar.gz or cpmove-user.tar.gz, the procedure is the same.

2.  Go to the directory which you just extracted then go to cp directory.

3. There you will get the file with cpanel username, you need to edit that file 

Eg:  vi cpmove-user/cp/user

if these values are something else then you need to set them as :


4. Now compress the backup again and try to restore it 🙂

Try the above steps and put your feedbacks in the comment box 🙂

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