How to stand out from the crowd by providing 24*7 customer support?

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Published on: August 7, 2018 by Daniel Wren

How to stand out from the crowd by providing 24*7 customer support?


Customer delight is never achieved by chance but by choice. In today’s world where we rely on web-based solutions for all our business needs, a large number of web hosting companies have sprung up which claims to offer a host of services to support customers with their queries and resolve issues when they face service outages. The success of any web host can be mapped to the long-term customer relations it maintains and that requires a good amount of effort to provide customers with a really quick system to address their issues. The reliability, availability and efficiency of the 24*7 support offered by web host are what helps them to stand out from its competitors. Let us see how we can achieve the same:

1. Providing Excellent Phone Support

Phone support provides customers a platform where they feel there is someone to look into their issue and help them to resolve it immediately. It has the advantage of providing a personal touch to the customers. Customers hate being put on the queue for long. So it is extremely important to have a sufficient number of qualified techs who could handle calls in a professional manner and act as the first level of tech support.

2. Reliable LiveChat Support

A bunch of technically proficient chat operators could support customers with basic issues or technical queries regarding the hosting. It also provides a chance for the customers to have an idea of the reason behind the issue and how long it will take to get the issue resolved. Live chat provides a platform for the customers to include more details regarding their issue such as a screenshot of the error. This will help the tech to identify the issue in a quick manner, which is not possible through phone support. In short, the phone/live chat support plays a huge role in creating a positive impact on the minds of the customers.

3. Answering Support Tickets Promptly

When an issue comes up which requires a greater level of expertise to be solved, the phone/chat operator can suggest the customer raise a support ticket or the customers can directly open a ticket if they cannot find time to chat with/call the tech support team. The most important factor regarding answering tickets is response time. Customers expect a quick resolution of the issue, so the tech has to ask the right questions regarding the issue and also cut out response delay. It is unprofessional to leave a ticket unanswered for more than 15 minutes, without providing an update regarding what is going on and what are the steps taken to resolve the issue.

Features of our 24*7 tech support:

1. Our phone and chat support is truly 24*7, without any break or off time in between.

2. Maximum initial response time of 15 minutes for support tickets.

3. Well qualified and experienced techs with varying and diverse expertise which help us provide reliable tech support.

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