9 Things To Be Considered While Outsourcing Live Chat Support

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Published on: June 9, 2018 by Vaishnav Harikumar

9 Things To Be Considered While Outsourcing Live Chat Support


You are running an e-commerce website, and you want to increase your sales as well as focus on other parts of your company’s growth. After a bit of research, you have found a solution to achieve both your requirements by integrating your website with a LiveChat and outsourcing it so that you can take your mind off of that.

Having someone to guide you while making a purchase online, increases the conversion rate of the visitors to your customers. But there are certain things you have to consider before outsourcing your Company’s Live Chat. In this article, I will be pointing out 9 factors to be considered while outsourcing Live Chat support.

1. Building Strong Relationships with your Customer.

We all know that everyone will have to follow the motto “Customers are Kings” to be successful in your business. Therefore building a strong relationship with your customer will increase the number of returning visitors and increase the popularity through word-of-mouth.

2. Technical Experts to Solve Minor Issues Through Chat.

Having a chat agent with minimum technical expertise will positively impact your company as he/she will be able to provide resolutions to minor issues through chat. Therefore, before outsourcing your Live Chat, make sure the agents you are hiring are capable of handling minor issue which occurs repeatedly as well as improve their skills to solve the issue much faster.

3. Quick/Real Time Response.

You would want to provide your customers quick and accurate responses and not to keep them waiting. The chat agents should be able to handle that chats in such a way that they can answer the majority of the queries with accurate responses. This can only be achieved if the agents are trained well enough through the company policies and thorough knowledge about the products and services offered by your company.

4. Ability to Convert Customers.

Only a skilled person can understand the needs of different types of customers and convert them into your customers. From a statistics, it is well-known that the brick and mortar stores have a conversion rate higher than online stores. This is mainly because the stores have a person who is always there to guide you and provide you recommendations thus helping you to make the purchase. One must be able to guide the customer through the purchase via a chat interface and thus solving their queries and providing suggestions based on their needs.

5. Transparent Chat Logs.

Having a transparent chat log would allow for improvisation of Chat Agent Skills, and new ideas for development. This way you would always be aware of what is happening in chat, the customer’s feedbacks and expectations about the company and keep track of common issues that arise in chat.

6. Value Package.

This is basically known as the worthiness of the product/service you pay for. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and money on a package that is priced so high and get lesser services. Everyone’s ultimate goal is to obtain a service for the value that they pay for.

7. 24/7 Live Chat Coverage

If you are an international level seller, you would want your chat service to run 24/7 as your customers could be logging in from any place, anytime. Therefore you would want a chat agent who is always ready to guide them and answer their queries.

8. Monitoring and Website Analytics.

Some chat interfaces are integrated with website monitoring and analytics to know the footfall and how customers are navigated through the website. This can provide you more information on the peak times and footfall in the website on a daily basis.

9. Increase Sales and Up-sell Products

The chat agent should be able to upsell a certain product by recommending them to the customers and converting them in a good way to make that purchase. This can be done by understanding each type of customer and his/her needs and suggesting products/services which can match their needs.

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Vaishnav Harikumar

Vaishnav Harikumar

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