One website in Plesk is asking for user name and password. What is the solution

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Published on: April 17, 2009 by George K.

One website in Plesk is asking for user name and password. What is the solution


Since we are on the Plesk server support, this is a common issue, but solutions vary based on situations.It could be one or a combination of solutions listed below. Our Plesk server support team here trying to provide some known solutions If you had to go through another solution to solve it, please add it over here for others.

  • Permission issue was making the website to ask for the password. Run the Plesk permissions fix from the Plesk reconfigurator. It could help you 10% of the time
  • If it is asking for username and password, right after you changed the password of the account, 80% of the cases, below command based solution would work.

    cd %plesk_bin%
    websrvmng –update-anon-password –

  • Login to plesk, select the domain, click web directories. And there, select the the protection tab and click remove protection if enabled – Only 5% chances to have this solve your issue 🙂
  • Try resetting the domain password from Plesk, with Additional Write/Modify permissions checked. This may sync the IUSR_username’s password and the Plesk/FTP password. If it didn’t move on to next option to manually synchronize it.
  • Go to IIS > Web sites > > Properties > Directory Security tab > Click on Edit button within “Authentication and access control” section > enter “password” in password filed > click OK.
    After that, Go to Users Management > find user IUSR_pleskusername > Right Click > set password > proceed > enter “password” > click OK. If this also didn’t fix, issue is much more serious and move on to next options
  • Depending on the Plesk versions you use, Plesk group `psacln` should be allowed to access the server from the network. For that Go to, Administrative Tools > Security Settings > Local Polices > User Rights Assignment > Access this computer from the network
  • Check whether there is any new FTP accounts added with the “” as httpdocs itself. If so please remove it and then change the password at Domain Setup and save it
  • Check whether the plesk_username and IIS_pleskusername are added and has proper permissions for the DriveLetter:\Inetpub\vhosts\ as well as DriveLetter:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs.

Okay those are my current solutions.

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George K.

George K.

George started his career in web hosting and Linux technical support in the year 2004 and is with SupportSages since 2009. He has keen interest in server optimizations, custom security solutions, hacked server recovery, cyber forensic and high availability fail over system design and implementation. George loves long drives and is passionate about art and literature.

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