7 Things to be taken care when outsourcing the customer service

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Published on: September 14, 2018 by Sajith Lal V.S

7 Things to be taken care when outsourcing the customer service


Outsourcing is an important factor that decides the future of your business. The main confusion among the business owners is how and what all services can they outsource. Always remember one thing, retain control over the aspects that make your business unique. Another aspect you should keep in mind is to avoid outsourcing the areas of your business that will directly impact customers. If demand in a part of your business is outgrowing your staff or resources, outsourcing is a natural decision. But before going to outsource, check whether they are trustworthy or not. Let’s see what all are the factors you should take care while outsourcing the customer service.

1. Initial Training Required

When you decide to outsource your customer service you have to train your supporting staffs to know about your company policies. Because different companies running the same business may have different rules and regulations. So without knowing your company’s policies, no one can run a good customer service for you. They will need to understand the ins-and-outs of your service or product so they can intelligently help your customers with their requests.

2. Lack of complete knowledge regarding your business

Staffs working from outside may not know everything about your business as a full-time employee. They may not know the new features or updates from your company until they are informed them properly. They definitely won’t know what your company culture is like from the inside.

3. May not be able to fix the issues

Mostly the outsourced staff is experts in handling the basic supports. When it comes to a complex technical issue you need to escalate the ticket to someone who can resolve the issue internally. This process will take time and the customers may get frustrated. So it is important that a staff to stay in contact with the customer throughout the process to let him know the ticket is still being worked on.

4. Hidden charges

Before choosing an outsourcing company you should know clearly about their charges. Because chances for hidden charges are there. You should clearly fix the time and cost of your work. Otherwise, they will charge you later.

5. Communication Barriers

Another important problem is Communication Gap. Normally English is the common language for communication. Always choose a company who can provide you with staff who are fluent in English.

6. Quality of service

Once you decide to outsource, you should check the quality of the service they are providing. Since you have no direct access to the staff, the technical skills and quality of the staff should be checked before choosing.

7. Confidentiality

Another factor is Confidentiality. Chances for losing the secrecy of your business are there. The only thing you can do is choose a trustworthy support team. Before finalizing the outsourcing company check their customer reviews or if you get any chance to directly contact their customers, go ahead.

Outsourcing is the best option to reduce the operational cost. But you should take care of many factors before choosing. Always check the testimonials of their previous and existing customers.

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Sajith Lal V.S

Sajith Lal V.S

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