Plesk account unsuspension – Table::select() failed: no such row in the table

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Published on: August 30, 2009 by Arnold Pablo

Plesk account unsuspension – Table::select() failed: no such row in the table


On Plesk Odin support sometimes we need to suspend accounts, once we suspended an account and now when trying to unsuspend it was causing errors like

DNSZone::Table::select() failed: no such row in the table

Environment : Plesk 9.2 and Windows 2003 OS.


Identify the database which Plesk uses. Nowadays Plesk choose MSAccess as the Database. Earlier days the choice was MSSQL and MySQL. Better choices now. Details on how to edit the database is at this KB URL :

Once you have it follow the next KB available at . This KB is meant for MySQL. But all other steps will work for MSAccess DB as well. Usually DB is at %plesk_bin%\admin\db\psa.mdb

Basically a few commands

find domains which have missed ID:

mysql> SELECT FROM domains d LEFT JOIN dns_zone z ON WHERE IS NULL;

Then for each reported domain do the following:

1. create appropriate id records with following commands, do not forget to replace DOMAN-NAME with a real domain name and ADMIN-EMAIL with a correct email:

mysql> INSERT INTO dns_zone (name, displayName, email) VALUES ('DOMAIN-NAME', ‘DOMAIN-NAME', 'ADMIN-EMAIL');

2. know new zone ID:
mysql> SELECT id, name FROM dns_zone where name='DOMAIN-NAME';

3. substitute correct ID into table, don’t forget to replace DOMAN-NAME and DNS-ZONE-ID with correct values:

mysql> UPDATE domains SET dns_zone_id='DNS-ZONE-ID' WHERE name='DOMAIN-NAME';

Once it is done, take DNS Settings and then under the domain in question, do Restore Defaults. After that do the needed modification along with unsuspension of the domain. It should work!! Or else make it work 🙂 You can contact our Plesk Odin support team if you need any further assistance.

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Arnold Pablo

Arnold Pablo

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