Special Offer : Experience the QUALITY of SUPPORT for just $1 per ticket

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Published on: May 8, 2009 by Maddy Mattocks

Special Offer : Experience the QUALITY of SUPPORT for just $1 per ticket


For those of you don’t know us, we offer 15 mins response time (no canned responses!!), GUARANTEED! And 6 hours resolution time!! Our average response time is a whopping 7 mins and resolution time is 45 minutes. Are you still stuck with the same old 1 hour response guarantees?? It’s high time to change then! In this special offer, we are introducing a per ticket plan where you pay just $1 per ticket for answering any Level 1 or Level 2 ticket.

Aiming at reseller hosts, our per ticket plan starts with a 10 ticket pack that cost only $10. And absolutely NO SETUP Fees.

Other packs available are,

25 tickets – $25
50 tickets – $50
100 tickets – $100
250 tickets – $250

For any order above 250 tickets, please contact our Sales department – sales [aXt]

If you also want to include Level III tickets in per ticket plan, it is just $2.5 per ticket. Please note that, if you want us to do Level 1, 2 & 3 in your per ticket plan, $2.5 will be charged for all tickets.

For ordering this plan, please use the coupon code


in our normal per ticket plan.

Did you know on 1000 ticket plan it will be, $1.87 per ticket ???

What does this mean ? Simply that a reboot ticket as well as a ffmpeg installation or a VPS migration would cost you $2.5 per ticket. For Level III per ticket order of more than $500, we will be taking up server monitoring and related management also.

Question time!!

Tell me one major fact that makes you different from others ?

Our 24/7 online support for you, The Hostrepreneur!! Many of our clients chat with us online, discuss about the tickets, technologies and even datacenter choices too.

Do you include sales ticket as well ?

Yes. We can.

If I purchase now from you, does this per ticket rate remain the same for lifetime ?

Yes, it will. See the next question for details.

No offer can beat this one!!! Is there a catch??

Yes there is!! Here is the catch. If initially you opted for 10 tickets per month, you will be charged just $1 for initial 10 tickets for life time. If you like our support, and wanted to order more tickets, it will be $3 per ticket, excluding the rate for first 10 tickets. If you opted for 250 tickets under this offer, your first 250 tickets will be charged for only 250 per month, life long! from 251st ticket, rates will be $3 per ticket. For level 3 issues, it is $4 per ticket.

Do you allow any carryovers to next month?

No. We don’t, unless a specific deal is made with us while ordering.

Do you offer your no charge guarantees under this offer, in case you dont meet the 15 mins response time ?

Yes, we do, on demand basis!! Trust us, we keep our promises! That too not a canned response.

I am your current customer ? Can I opt for this plan ?

Yes, you can!

I have three hosting companies and separate control panel for each of them. If I order a single per ticket plan for 250 tickets, will you be able to login to each control panel and do tickets ?

No. We won’t be able to. If you like us to do seperate hosting companies under separate control panel, please make three orders.

Do you have any other offers ?

Visit our website, order any monthly plan and get 25% discount. Coupon code is ” I_LOVE_MY_CUSTOMERS

NB : Offer is valid till 16th May 2009.

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Maddy Mattocks

Maddy Mattocks

Maddy has been with the industry for the last 12 years and is an Account Manager for few of our customers. He loves to optimize the webserver, database and is interested in setting up high performance clusters.

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