Help Desk Support – Level 3 Level 3 helpdesk support involves identification and resolution of escalated issues and complex operations such as abuse management, vulnerability resolution, optimization, server customization etc.
Level 3 Tickets Opting for Level 3 Tickets would enable you to do Server optimization, Data recovery, Cyber forensics, VPS node management related issues, Cloud infrastructure related issues.
Level 2 Tickets Level 2 Tickets plan is an addon for building a custom plan. This is a very much similar to Level 2 Helpdesk Support. Under this plan you can customize the number of issues you would like us to handle
Help Desk Support – Level 1 Level 1 Helpdesk Support plan is ideal for those who needs a frontline support for the technical, billing, sales or for all the helpdesk support you require.
Help Desk Support – Level 0 Level 0 Helpdesk Support plan is ideal for resellers who purchase reseller hosting from bigger web hosting providers and gone beyond one man show or needs a 24/7 frontline support
Help Desk Support – Level 2 Level 2 Helpdesk Support handle issues that Level 1 escalates. The resolution process requires deeper level investigations and access to various configuration files.
Level1 Linux Support Tickets The plan avails you the service of our 24/7 linux technical support team by purchasing the required amount of level1 tickets with a validity of one month.